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Advocacy / Focus areas / Resilience

Resilience in the built environment

In the current global physical, social and environmental situation, the ability of a building to deal with external and unusual impacts due to pandemics, bushfires, climate change, extreme heat and cold, severe storms, earthquakes, social unrest, terrorist attack or criminal misadventure, is becoming more important and more valued.

HVAC&R resilience

The resilience of Australian buildings, the cold chain, IT infrastructure, health services, manufacturing facilities and processing sectors all depend on the resilience of the HVAC&R systems that support them. AIRAH advocates for addressing the resilience of HVAC&R systems to safeguard the built environment and its occupants during extreme events.

Indoor air quality

In recent years there has been an increased appreciation of HVAC&R and other building systems and the role they play in preventing the spread of airborne pathogens such as COVID. AIRAH supports work on building systems to ensure they help improve indoor air quality to protect the health and wellbeing of occupants.

Recent resilience updates