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photo of an AIRAH staff member speaking with stakeholders at an event


Focus Areas

AIRAH’s advocacy work supports our mission to lead the Australian HVAC&R industry to a future that is highly skilled, safe and sustainable.

Our activity can be divided into three areas, described below. As well as focusing on these broad topics, AIRAH advocates for greater recognition of the HVAC&R industry in general, and AIRAH itself, through all our work.

Transitioning to a net zero future

Australia, as a signatory to the Paris Climate Change Agreement COP21, has committed to reducing emissions levels by 43 per cent by 2030, and to reaching net zero emissions nationally by 2050. As Australia moves to meet these challenges, the HVAC&R sector has a vital part to play.

Professionalism and safety

The HVAC&R industry operates under a wide range of legislation and regulatory requirements and regimes from all levels of government. AIRAH informs and works with all regulators to help bring an HVAC&R voice to the development of the environmental, energy, building, WHS, plumbing, electrical and health regulations that impact the HVAC&R industry.

Resilience in the built environment

In the current global physical, social and environmental situation, the ability of a building to deal with external and unusual impacts due to pandemics, bushfires, climate change, extreme heat and cold, severe storms, earthquakes, social unrest, terrorist attack or criminal misadventure, is becoming more important and more valued.

Recent advocacy updates