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Australian Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (ARAC) manuals

AIRAH is delighted to bring one of Australia’s foremost resources for training in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry to the education sector: Australian Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Volumes 1 and 2, authored by Graham Boyle, L.AIRAH.

The completely revised fifth editions have brought a new dimension to this highly regarded resource, with a new full-colour format and hundreds of updated and upgraded images and improved text – making for easier reading and understanding.

ARAC Volume 1

The latest edition of Volume 1 examines new trends, such as the industry's increased focus on efficiency and sustainability, while continuing to provide comprehensive coverage of industry principles and equipment. The underlying principles and basic hardware needs of refrigeration and air conditioning have not changed but the requirement for the technician and the designer to apply those principles, and to make systems decisions, to achieve a more efficient and sustainable outcome has never been greater.

Topics covered range from basic refrigeration principles, compressors, condensers, evaporators and refrigerants to domestic, commercial and industrial systems, natural refrigerants and developments in supermarket refrigeration, as well as tools, welding, electric motors and electrical principles, components and wiring.

ARAC Volume 2

The latest edition of Volume 2 investigates the factors that affect the efficient operation of refrigeration and air conditioning plant and equipment, including explaining use of the pressure-enthalpy diagram and psychometric charts as key diagnostic tools to help maintain peak efficiency. It also explains service and maintenance techniques, as well as heat load calculations and the selection of equipment based on those calculations. Also included are an overview of air conditioning systems, large and small, and a detailed look at piping design.

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