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AIRAH brings engineering voice to Clean Indoor Air Forum

March 19, 2024

AIRAH Advocacy and Policy Manager Mark Vender and Associate Director of the IAQ STG Claire Bird, Affil.AIRAH, attended the Clean Indoor Air Forum in Canberra on Monday, March 18.

The event, organised by the Burnet Institute, brought together more than 50 leading stakeholders from the clean indoor air community, with AIRAH representing engineers and allied professionals specialising in ventilation systems. Also at the event were key figures from science, medicine, politics, academia, trade unions and health advocacy groups. Together, they shared progress on clean indoor air activities, identified synergies and potential for joint action, and explored how to best support knowledge exchange and policy change for clean indoor air.

The event was followed by a public event at Parliament House organised by the Australian Academy of Science, the Burnet Institute, and CSIRO. Speakers included Distinguished Professor Lidia Morawska, and other clean air advocates from around the globe.

Through these and other initiatives, AIRAH continues to advocate for operational air quality standards in Australia, and government-backed public education campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of indoor air quality.

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