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AIRAH CEO attends GBCA Transform Conference 2024

March 14, 2024

AIRAH CEO Sami Zheng, Affil.AIRAH recently attended the Green Building Council of Australia's Transform Conference. Transform is an action-focused conference that shapes the future of Australia’s sustainable built environment.

"GBCA and their Transform Conference are truly inspiring. We're excited to be part of the collective action towards sustainability in Australia's built environment."

Sami Zheng, AIRAH
Sami Zheng, Affil.AIRAH

Zheng was encouraged by the deep, actionable knowledge shared by presenters at the conference, and was particularly appreciative of the focus on collaboration between the many varied sectors of the industry.

“The focus on collaborative action to drive meaningful outcomes is exactly what AIRAH aims to achieve in the coming years” says Zheng. “HVAC&R is an important part of this collaborative action, and AIRAH is ready to play its part.”

Presentations such as "The path to a net-zero precinct - electrification, circularity and emobdied carbon" echo AIRAH's focus on the transition to net zero. AIRAH's newly-formed Electrification STG was encouraged to see electrification content on the Transform Conference agenda, and AIRAH's conference team were thrilled to see many topics that were covered at AIRAH's 2023 Future of HVAC Conference on the agenda too, including robust discussions on embodied carbon in the built environment.

AIRAH is excited to continue working collaboratively with GBCA and the broader industry to make a better and more sustainable built environment in Australia.

Transitioning to a net zero future

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