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Providing your qualifications for APER

You need to provide a certified copy of your bachelor’s degree or other historically equivalent or internationally recognised equivalent qualification that satisfies the requirements of the Washington Accord for recognition as a professional engineer.

Please note documents must be uploaded as PDFs and should be under 10MB in size.

If you completed your degree overseas, you can meet the eligibility requirements if either of the following applies:

  1. Your degree was completed in a country which is a signatory to the Washington Accord, and the degree is accredited as a bachelor’s degree equivalent. Washington Accord signatories can be found by visiting and using the Qualification Checker search tool.
  2. You have had your degree certified by the accredited authority for Australia under the Washington Accord 1989 to assess your qualification as equivalent.

All qualifications must be submitted in English and must be certified by an authorised witness. Only authorised witnesses as set out by the Australian Attorney-General will be accepted.

For translated documents, please note the following:

If the documents are translated in Australia:

If the documents are translated in a country outside Australia:

  • The translator must be approved by the authorities in the country where the translation is made.
  • The International Federation of Translators (IFT) provides a list of translation associations, some approved by authorities to provide certified translation.

More information on the proof of qualifications requirement can be found in the APER Proof of Identity Requirements.

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