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About APER

The AIRAH Professional Engineer Register (APER) is the professional accreditation designed for engineers operating in the HVAC&R building services industry.

In Australia, states and territories are responsible for statutory registration of engineers. Statutory registration ensures engineers meet professional conduct, education, training, and competency standards. The registration requirements are different for each state and territory. Professional engineers must register in each jurisdiction where they plan to practise.

APER is administered by AIRAH and is designed to meet the requirements of the Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ), Business Licensing Authority (BLA) in Victoria, ACT Professional Engineer Registration Scheme (ACT Government), and other state- and territory-based schemes as they are released. Please review the APER ACT, APER Queensland and APER Victoria guidelines as there are slight differences.

Being on the APER demonstrates to the public that you are an engineer who is qualified, competent, and ethical.

The APER is open to both AIRAH members and non-members.

AIRAH members on the register may carry the post-nominal of AIRAH Registered Professional Engineer (ARPEng) – the practical mark of quality in engineering.

Engineering professionals in mechanical engineering – HVAC&R building services are those who plan, design, install, commission, operate, tune, and maintain mechanical machines and systems in the built environment. This includes air conditioning plants, ventilation systems, chillers, cooling towers, refrigeration systems for food production and preservation applications, transport cooling systems, fire and smoke systems, medical facilities, and control systems.

Mechanical engineer – HVAC&R building services disciplines

A discipline is a subgroup of the engineering profession with which practitioners align their skills and work activities. Formal and informal education and work experience will influence how an engineering practitioner identifies with a discipline.

AIRAH is focused on representing mechanical engineer – HVAC&R building services professionals. These are professional engineers whose work is associated with, but not restricted to, the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) and building services industry. Learn more about the industry here.

The APER accreditation is aligned with registration in state-legislated schemes as a professional engineer in the mechanical engineer discipline.

The mechanical engineer – HVAC&R building services discipline is rapidly changing and multi-faceted. The above description does not fully capture the scope and specialisations of activities, some of which can cross over with other disciplines. For example – sustainability, ESD, and resilience can be considered within environmental engineering, as well as other disciplines. Although not a mandatory requirement, when filling out the application we ask APER applicants to identify areas of specialisation related to their engineering activities.

Additional information on the mechanical engineer – HVAC&R building services discipline is available here.

Why should I apply to be listed on the APER?

Australia’s states are introducing professional registration schemes for engineers:

  • Queensland – The current Queensland Professional Engineers Act has been in operation since 2002.
  • Victoria – Has introduced the Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019, which commenced on July 1, 2021.
  • New South Wales – New South Wales has introduced the Design and Building Practitioners Act and Regulation, which commenced on July 1, 2021.
  • Australian Capital Territory – The ACT has introduced the Professional Engineers Act 2023 which commenced on March 6, 2024.

Please note: Currently registration in NSW is directly with the department of NSW Fair Trading. A pathway where registration may be achieved via a professional body of engineers approved by NSW Fair Trading  (such as AIRAH) is being developed. More information regarding registration of engineers in NSW may be found here.

The Western Australian Government is proposing to amend the Building Services (Registration) Regulations 2011 (WA) to require engineers to be registered to carry out building engineering work. More information regarding registration of engineers in WA may be found here.

As a result of these Acts, engineers will need to be registered if they provide “professional engineering services”.

The schemes have been founded on the principle that a minimum level of qualifications, experience, and continuing professional development are required to carry out professional engineering services. The AIRAH Professional Engineer Register accreditation scheme has been developed to meet these requirements.

A successful application to become listed on the APER will display to the industry – and to the public at large – your qualifications and commitment to the discipline. An APER listing confirms that your skills, professional development, and training are up-to-date, and that you are a qualified professional.

AIRAH members who have been granted APER accreditation will also be awarded the use of the AIRAH Registered Professional Engineer (ARPEng) post-nominal.

How long does an APER accreditation last for?

Accreditation lasts for three years, contingent on ongoing continuing professional development activities (150 hours of CPD over a three-year period, with a minimum of 50 hours each year) and adherence to the APER Code of Ethics (available via the APER Resources page) related to the state/territory you are registered in.

You must reapply every three years to retain your APER accreditation.

AIRAH Professional Engineer Register