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DA29 Evaporative Air Cooling Systems

DA29 Evaporative Air Cooling Systems
If you are looking for information on how to specify or design low energy, water efficient, reliable, low impact, sustainable cooling systems then this application manual may be just what you need. Written in plain English, this manual provides essential information for the purchaser, designer, installer, owner, operator and maintainer of any evaporative air cooling system. It outlines best practices for the selection, application and operation of evaporative air cooling systems. Direct, indirect and two-stage evaporative air cooling systems are included.

DA29 includes the following 11 sections: 1. Scope and introduction, 2. Understanding evaporative air cooling, 3. Unit selection and system design, 4. Installing systems, 5. Operating systems, 6. System maintenance, 7. Retrocommissioning, 8. Energy - the issues, 9. Water - the issues, 10. Noise - the issues and 11. Environment - the issues.

Published: 2011 | Pages: 62

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