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DA21 Ammonia Refrigeration

DA21 Ammonia Refrigeration
DA21 contains all the very latest information and recognised best practices, for all types of ammonia systems. The manual covers the selection of ammonia as a refrigerant, giving examples of traditional areas where ammonia is used as the primary refrigerant.

DA21 is comprised of the following 14 sections: 1. Introduction, 2. Refrigerant selection, 3. Heat load calculation, product cooling and storage, 4. System selection, 5. Plant room equipment, 6. Production area equipment, 7. Refrigerant and water piping, 8. Evaporative piping and valves, 9. Cold pipe and vessel insulation, 10. Avoiding component failure caused by abnormal pressure or shock, 11. Plant safety and good practice, 12. Testing, charging and commissioning, 13. Plant operation and maintenance and 14. New concepts.

Published: 2000 | Pages: 97

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