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DA03 Ductwork for Air Conditioning

DA03 Ductwork for Air Conditioning
DA03 features detailed guidelines for designing air conditioning ductwork systems.

This manual includes the following 13 sections: 1. Introduction, 2. Design consideration, 3. Fundamentals and terminology, 4. Procedure for designing ductwork systems, 5. Duct layout and sizing, 6. Duct fitting pressure loss data, 7. The fan duty and system effect, 8. Duct heat and leakage losses or gains, 9. Noise in the ductwork system - general considerations, 10. Acoustically analysing a duct network, 11. Self generated noise in ducts, duct fittings and outlet and grilles, 12. Noise attenuation in ducts and duct fittings and 13. Estimating the cost of a ductwork system.

Published: 1987 | Pages: 114

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