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DA20 Humid Tropical Air Conditioning

Published: 2016 | Pages: 140

DA20 explores the topic of comfort in hot tropical climates, starting from the very fundamentals of climate, thermal comfort, human response and adaptive comfort. The manual covers natural, mechanical and hybrid comfort cooling systems, as well as building design and moisture-management strategies.

Providing a holistic overview of the topic, DA20 offers insight on the underlying engineering theory; the design and installation stage; and commissioning, operation and maintenance. Air conditioning receives detailed attention, with comprehensive information on equipment selection and application, system design strategies, system controls and detailed design notes, particularly in respect of moisture management.

DA20 sections

  1. 1. Scope and application
  2. 2. Climate, comfort, external air, internal moisture
  3. 3. Building design and system selection
  4. 4. Air conditioning equipment selection and application
  5. 5. Air conditioning system design
  6. 6. Installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance

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