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DA19 HVAC&R Maintenance

Published: 2019 | Pages: 208

This application manual has been the definitive reference for HVAC&R maintenance in Australia for more than 20 years. It is used throughout the Australian property, facility management and HVAC&R maintenance industries. Now in its fourth edition, DA19 has been developed with considerable industry engagement and features significant updates relating to energy efficiency, system sustainability, asset management and the digitisation of maintenance (smart maintenance).

AIRAH, with support from the ARBS Education & Research Foundation, has developed Specifying a Maintenance Package with DA19 – an online user guide to complement the 2019 update to DA19. It is designed to assist building owners and managers to better understand the steps they need to take when using DA19 to specify their maintenance needs.

The maintenance discussed in this manual can be applied for a variety of objectives such as health and safety, comfort, indoor air quality, reliability, asset protection, risk minimisation, energy efficiency, water conservation, workplace productivity, indoor environmental quality and sustainability.

DA19 sections

  1. Introduction
  2. Maintenance overview
  3. Maintenance in design, installation and commissioning
  4. Managing maintenance in operation
  5. Maintenance strategies
  6. Smart maintenance
  7. Continuous improvement: tuning and optimisation.

DA19 also includes appendices on HVAC&R maintenance schedules, developing a system maintenance schedule, operating and maintenance manuals, risk-based maintenance, maintenance costs and reliability, glossary of terms and referenced documents.

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