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DA18 Water Treatment

Published: 1998 | Pages: 82

DA18 details the scientific principles on which water treatment practices are based. It describes proven techniques which can reasonably be expected to be applied in water treatment system design, installation, maintenance and monitoring.

DA18 sections

  1. Introduction
  2. Water chemistry
  3. Parameters affecting water quality
  4. Scale control principles
  5. Principles of corrosion prevention
  6. Inhibitors for corrosion control
  7. Microorganisms
  8. Cooling towers and microorganisms
  9. Legionella
  10. Microbial control principles
  11. Chemical biocides
  12. Non-chemical options
  13. Biocide effectiveness
  14. Water treatment for open recirculating systems
  15. System management, specifically for Legionella control
  16. Water treatment for closed recirculating systems
  17. Case studies
  18. Potable water treatment
  19. Sampling
  20. Safety in handling chemicals
  21. Specifying water treatment
  22. Regulatory approaches to prevention of Legionellosis.

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