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DA07 Criteria for Moisture Control Design Analysis in Buildings

Published: 2020 | Pages: 32

DA07 Criteria for Moisture Control Design Analysis in Buildings is a technical resource that helps specify performance-based design criteria for predicting, mitigating, or reducing moisture damage to the building envelope, materials, components, systems, and furnishings, depending on climate, construction type, and HVAC system operation. This includes: a) Criteria for selecting analytic procedures; b) Criteria for inputs; c) Criteria for evaluation and use of outputs. It is designed for use by engineers, architects and contractors, as well as equipment owners, operators and specifiers.

Special note: This AIRAH technical guide is adapted from ASHRAE 160, which is an American voluntary consensus.

DA07 sections

  1. Scope and introduction
  2. Scope
  3. Definitions, abbreviations, and symbols
  4. Criteria for design parameters
  5. Criteria for selecting analytical procedures
  6. Moisture Performance Evaluation Criteria
  7. Reporting
  8. References

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