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AIRAH membership program for developing countries

To encourage diversity and inclusion in HVAC&R, and to drive global innovation and sustainability, AIRAH offers discounted membership for those residing in “low-income” or “lower-middle-income” countries.

Why is this program offered?

By offering more affordable membership options to those in “low-income” and “lower-middle-income” economies (as defined by the World Bank), AIRAH hopes to assist in the development and improved practices of developing HVAC&R industries. This is aligned with our focus on climate change and sustainability, and hope this program will offer professionals and practitioners in these countries with access to essential knowledge and resources.

Who is eligible for this program?

This program is intended for HVAC&R professionals and practitioners who reside in countries categorised as “low-income” and “lower-middle-income” by the World Bank via their website.

Please note you must be residing in an eligible country and continue to reside in an eligible country to continue to receive this benefit.

What is the cost and what are the benefits of the program?

The cost is 50 per cent of our applicable international membership fees, based upon standard grading process. The program includes digital access to our resources (including the AIRAH Technical Handbook and Design Application manuals).

How do I participate in the program?

Contact [email protected] and we will take you through the next steps. In this email, please indicate which country you are residing in.

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