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photo of Sami Zheng greeting guests at AIRAH event


Upgrading your membership

Your AIRAH membership is due for renewal annually and is based on your join date. A month prior to your expiry date, please look for a renewal reminder in your email.

To renew or upgrade your AIRAH membership, please log in to your “My Account” portal and follow the steps to renew online.

You can also renew by processing an EFT transfer quoting your AIRAH member ID (as seen on your invoice) or by contacting the Engagement Manager for your division to pay by credit card.

Student to Affiliate

When your student membership expires, you can follow the regular joining process to become an Affilate Member.

Affiliate to Graded

Affiliate Members can apply to become graded as either M.AIRAH or AM.AIRAH.

Graded to Fellow

Applicants will usually be members of AIRAH for at least 10 years or have an equivalent level of experience in a senior position.