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Retired Membership

AIRAH members (Member, Associate Member, Fellow) who are over the age of 67 and are no longer working full-time may enquire about qualifying for retired member fees.

Retired Members can make use of the postnominal they held at the time of applying for Retired Membership.

Retired Membership pricing

Please note at join fee of $100 (+$10 GST) applies to all new member joins and lapsed renewals in Australia, or a total of $110AUD for international joins and lapsed renewals.

Affiliate (Australian)




How to become an AIRAH Retired Member

To become an AIRAH Retired Member, you must be a current member (Affil.AIRAH, M.AIRAH, AM.AIRAH, F.AIRAH), over the age of 67, and no longer working full-time. If you meet these requirements, you may send an enquiry to our membership team about qualityfing for Retired Member fees.

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