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Photo of 2022 AIRAH Award winners

AIRAH Awards

2022 Winners

Student of the Year | Higher Education or Research

Jason Jarvinen, Stud.AIRAH

University of South Australia

Student of the Year | Trade

Renzo Antonio Munster, Stud.AIRAH

PHW Services

Future Leader

Mark Elliott, M.AIRAH

Best HVAC Retrofit or Upgrade

McClintock Engineering Group

Otto Hirschfeld Dissection Laboratory AHU upgrade

Innovative use of Renewable Energy in HVAC&R

Conserve It

Optimal scheduling of air conditioning systems with renewable energy resource and thermal storage

Exellence in Innovation

AMP Capital

Quay Quarter Tower

Excellence in HVAC&R Research

Conserve It

Real-time model predictive control with digital twins and edge computing technologies

WR Ahern Award

Stefan Jensen, F.AIRAH

"Best-practice energy performance benchmarked for refrigerated warehouses"

Exellence in Diversity and Inclusion


Product of the Year

Smartair Diffusion

Smartemp Helical Vari-Swirl Diffuser

Exellence in Sustainability


The University of Newcastle's Q Building

James Harrison Medal

Dr Stephen White, L.AIRAH

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