Steven Beltrame

Steven Beltrame

Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC), University of Wollongong

Novel methods to model thermal bridges and their role in the NCC


Thermal bridges are becoming more important as the NCC increases stringencies on the thermal performance on the building envelope. Several recent projects at the Sustainable Building Research Centre (SBRC) have focussed on improving the modelling techniques of thermal bridges to better quantify their impacts on energy consumption.

One such project involved the development of a new calculation method to estimate the R-value of thermally bridged ceilings and suspended floors more accurately. Another involved the development of a novel method to integrate linear and thermal bridges into building performance simulations. This presentation will describe these methods, their applications, and their benefits

About Steven

Steven is a research fellow at the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC), University of Wollongong. He has a background in mechanical engineering. His PhD focussed on comparing energy consumption and energy efficiency inspections with building performance simulation to quantify “the performance gap” in Australian apartment buildings. He has research experience in the fields of building physics, sustainable building technologies, thermal storage, energy use in the built environment, and indoor environmental quality. His research has involved significant aspects of experimental testing and field studies as well as mathematical modelling.