A building physics approach to health and IEQ



Jessica Allen, Climasure

Jessica Allen, Affil.AIRAH


Jessica is a building designer who took a very early interest in function over form, rejecting design for performance. Her career started with code compliance - NatHERS ratings and the other complexities of the energy efficiency section the NCC, and grew to include air tightness consulting, blower door testing for both residential and commercial buildings and she is ATTMA L2 certified, she is a Certified Passivhaus Designer and a WUFI professional. Her passion for building performance snowballed early she is now entrenched in building science because she believes THIS is where the real difference can be made, both to building occupants and to our planet. She is passionate about educating the industry and has facilitated many live demonstrations and training seminars on air tightness and building science over the years and will continue to do so.



Daria Teodorowych, LAROS Group

Daria Teodorowych


Daria Teodorowych has been a product advisor for the last decade at LAROS, an ethically minded, Passive House supply, design and engineering company. Outside of her core project duties, Daria has grown a passion for better building practices and enjoys sharing her knowledge with builders, designers, owners and students looking to move into the sustainability sector. Daria aims to make the sometimes overwhelmingly technical knowledge accessible to everyone so that healthy, warm, sustainable and eco-friendly homes can be enjoyed by all.


Kate Nason, Australian Passive House Association

Kieran Leong

DesignInc Melbourne

Kieran is an architect and Principal at DesignInc Melbourne. With over 18 years’ experience on a broad range of project typologies his portfolio spans leadership in health, community, education and residential facilities. He is inspired by biophilic design principles and seeks to create sustainable and regenerative environments that encourage positive human experiences, interaction and connection. Kieran was the lead architect for the Glenroy Community Hub, the first public building in Australia to achieve Passive House certification which is Living Building Challenge Petal Ready and is designed for Zero Energy Certification. Recently Kieran has been involved with post-occupancy studies which have engaged with staff and members of the public to appreciate their experiences with the Community Hub.


Kerryn Wilmot, institute for Sustainable Futures

Kerryn Wilmot

Institute for Sustainable Futures

For 30 years Kerryn was a practising architect specialising in sustainability and project delivery of both residential and non-residential buildings. She is now the Program Lead - Healthy Environments at the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) at UTS researching themes such as regenerative urban environments, energy efficient buildings, smart cities, and health and well-being in urban environments. Kerryn managed ISF’s role undertaking the energy analysis in a wider UTS team for the Victorian Healthy Homes project for Sustainability Victoria. The project was a groundbreaking randomised controlled trial that assessed the health benefits of energy efficiency upgrades to improve winter warmth in Victoria. The program upgraded 1,000 homes of low-income householders with complex healthcare needs. The results showed that even modest investments in thermal comfort housing upgrades can have significant effects on individual lives and population health and energy benefits and be cost saving. The analysis found that for every $1 saved in energy costs, more than $10 were saved in health care costs.


Thomas Parkinson, University of Sydney

Thomas Parkinson

The University of Sydney

Thomas Parkinson is a Lecturer at The University of Sydney, and Deputy Director of the IEQ Lab in the School of Architecture, Design and Planning. Thomas’ research efforts are directed towards high-performance buildings that enhance occupant comfort and wellbeing. He received his PhD in Architectural Science from the University of Sydney, focusing on thermal perception in dynamic environments. Following this, he worked as a Lecturer in Architectural Science and led the technical development of the SAMBA IEQ Monitoring System. He was most recently a Professional Researcher at the Center of the Built Environment at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the Vice Chair of ASHRAE TC2.1 and actively involved in the development and review of ASHRAE Standard 55 – Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy. His interests include human thermal comfort and physiology, indoor environmental quality, application of sensor technologies to built environments, and psychophysics.